• Trim Package: Fascia / Rake


    G8 High Performance Coil

    Alside High Performance G8 Coil

    Alside’s high-performance G8 Coil capping offer the best of both world: beauty and protection. The top-quality Alside G8 Coil is perfect for covering wooden fascia, window trim, rakes or other finishing trim accents to protect them from the harmful effects of the element. In addition, G8 Coil saves homeowners from having to repaint these accents every few years to keep them looking new, meaning Alside G8 Coil will keep the beauty of your home intact for many years. The G8 Coil is the top choice of professional home remodelers and rebuilders across the nation not only for its durability but because the variety of colors available means they are suitable for almost any home.